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Top Two Favorite Rifles

In this article I will talk about my two favorite rifles that I have ever used. I have a ton of experience with rifles and guns in general and I have shot hundreds of different ones. I know which ones are garbage and which ones are top notch, so in this article I will be talking to you all a little bit about those guns. I hope that you enjoy this article and let me know your opinion in the comments.

The gun that comes in second place out of my top two is the old, but trusty springfield rifle. Man, this thing is a classic and that is why I love it so much. It is a steady shooter and it will be steady eddy. I am a big fan of old rifles and this is a close second to my number one which is also an old rifle. Let’s get into that gun now!

Mosin Nagant

My absolute favorite rifle is going to be the mosin nagant rifle. This thing is just a beast and it is also a classic rifle in our history. The mosin nagant was the weapon of choice in WWII because of its durability and accuracy. This is a real accurate gun and it would never let them down when they were in the midst of fighting.

Also just the sheer amount of mosin nagant accessories and upgrades you can get for the mosin nagant makes it the best. You can literally modify it so that it is your own personal gun with its own personal flavor. One might like a mosin nagant pu scope or a mosin nagant modified tactical stock. One mosin nagant rifle is never going to be the same, that is why I love it so much.

As you can probably tell I am a lover of old school rifles, that is why two old school rifles are my favorite.  If you have never had the luxury of shooting one of these fine beasts then I would suggest you give it a go, I think you might fall in love.

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Favorite Activities: Wood Working

My main hobby is obviously shooting my gun and collecting old rifles such as mosin nagant’s but I also like to build things out of wood. I like to build almost anything, from tables, dressers and even skateboard ramps. Basically anything that requires some wood and skill.

I like to use mostly power saws as my main tool as I like to cut and reshape things. I find that cutting wood is really peaceful and fun to do. Some of my favorite saws include my band saw, miter saw, scroll saw and my table saw. All of those power saws help me shape the ideas that I see in my head.

If you are starting to think that this sounds like fun then you can visit the links below to find more information on the saws that I have and where you can get your own.

Looking for a band saw? Then check out the link below!

Band saw reviews – Wildfire Productions

Band Saw

I would suggest getting a band saw first but then you can move onto a more advanced saw such as the miter saw. You can read more about them here: http://www.wildfireproductions.net/miter-saw-reviews/

Miter Saw

After you get those two saws you can think about adding a table saw to your collection. After that you will have all of the saws you need to cut almost anything.  Go get table saws from Wildfire Productions

Table saw